The Library's Local History Collections
The Library's local history resources are comprised of three collections.

The New Hampshire Collection includes town and state histories, genealogies, books about early life in New Hampshire, and fiction and non-fiction by New Hampshire authors.

The Alice Brown Collection is comprised of Alice Brown's personal library, including books by the author.  Alice Brown (1856 - 1948) was born in Hampton Falls, and was a well-known author who wrote novels, stories, plays and biographies.

Special Collections include a variety of literature, poetry and history.  Of note are those about New England, early books for children and illustrated editions.

All local history materials are for in-library use only and do not circulate.  The collections are searchable in the Library's online catalog.  The Library welcomes visitors to use the local history resources, and staff members are available most hours to assist with the collections.  Please call ahead and arrange for a visit.
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Online Resources
Cemeteries of Hampton Falls
Veterans Interred in Hampton Falls Cemeteries

National Archives
Cyndi's List - a comprehensive genealogy research site with cross-references to other sources
American Ancestors
NH Gen Web societies - listing of historical and genealogical societies
Daughters of the American Revolution
Church of Latter Day Saints
Hampton Falls Resources
The Historical Society of Hampton Falls:
To learn more about the history of Hampton Falls, visit the historical society website:

Search The Cemetaries of Hampton Falls:
Cemeteries of Hampton Falls
Veterans Interred in Hampton Falls Cemeteries